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Airmule.com - Airmule pays you for luggage space on international flights. Earn $100 to $150 per one-way flight between the US and China, Korea, Thailand, or India (that's $200 or $300 round-trip, per person). Payouts for Iceland, Dubai, London, and France coming soon. I know a lot of you fly frequently, and know others who do, so share your Airmule referral link and get $50 when a friend travels with Airmule.

Abra - Abra allows you to invest in stocks and ETFs using bitcoin. Request early access and pay $0 in trading fees during 2019. [NOTE: This link doesn't reward the referrer with money, it's just a cool product.]

Shrimpy.io - Shrimpy allows users to automate their portfolios by following the trades of other traders. There are other platforms that aim to do this, but Shrimpy is the best. Make more money by getting more followers -- it's like everyone is their own hedge fund. Earn 50% commission for 3 months on payments made by people you refer.

Blockchain Whispers 2.0 (launched Jan 30, 2019) - Blockchain Whispers commands one of the largest Telegram followings in the crypto-sphere -- and for good reason. They offer industry-leading signals, and recruit the world's top traders to provide an edge for traders of all skill levels and budgets. If you sign up for premium, they promise no monthly payments until BTC is over $10,000 USD. On the new 2.0 platform, you can also earn money by contributing to their new wiki, or by becoming one of their top traders. After watching these guys for a year, it is clear they truly care about their members. Get 10-20% commissions on payments from users you refer.

Square - Square is a payment processor (like Paypal, but better) that enables you to buy and sell bitcoin. Square's bitcoin buy/sell prices are about 1% better than Coinbase (proof below). They also offer a free credit card reader for accepting point-of-sale payments. Get $5 for each new user you refer (they get $5 too for signing up).

Voyager - Voyager lets you invest instantly and commission-free, starting with as little as $10. Voyager also draws from multiple exchanges to get you the best price on your trades. Get $15 in BTC when you sign up. (Referral program is ended, so that $15 is just for you. We don't get anything.)

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